Bruce Skarin

Father, Scientist, & Activist

Meet Bruce

I want to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate for three main reasons:

  1. As a Father, I want Congress to do a better job managing the future for our children and generations to come
  2. As a Scientist I know from experience that we can and must meet these challenges using a modern approach to government
  3. And as an Independent, because the system we have now will remain broken until we bring representation back to the people

I do not believe that I can win just because I am a political outsider with some good ideas, but rather because I believe that when we fix our political system first, we the people can win.

I am here to provide strong, smart leadership, while also taking the time to really listen to voters. Visit Our Issues to see how I am using your feedback to focus my time and resources on solving the problems that are important to you. Ready My Story to learn more about what has helped prepare me for the US Senate.