Bruce Skarin

Father, Scientist, & Activist


At the Hacking iCorruption event, my team placed third with campaignCON that includes technology for monitoring changes in reports to the Federal Election Commission and for visualizing the changes that took place in the networks of large dollar campaign financing over the last 24 years.

At the 2015 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society I presented work done with a colleague titled: U.S. Campaign Finance and Institutional Corruption in Public Policy, which represents five years of research and personal experience in dealing with this issue. In this paper we use Lawrence Lessig's definition of institutional corruption to map the relationships between the funding of campaigns, influence over policy, income disparity, and voter satisfaction, engagement, and participation to provide the most comprehensive description to date of this challenging problem.

As a result of our analysis we provide both a stark warning and a way forward for restoring citizen equality and representative democracy in America. In the coming months we will be exploring avenues for publishing and presenting this work. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Data and Model